Home Additions

Home additions are a great way to transform your home

Among other things, additions allow you to add value to the home while giving your family the necessary amenities and space. This can prove invaluable especially when welcoming a new member to the family. Whether it’s a new baby or your parents moving in to live with you, an addition would allow you to comfortably house them. Additions can also be rented out for additional income or even used as a way of adding luxury to an existing home.

There are many types of additions depending on your needs. At Comfort Home Remodeling Design, we specialize in two main types:

Home additions: A home addition is where an entire new room is added to the house. It can be a sun room, new dining room, kids’ play area, garage, gaming area, and so on. You could also have two or more rooms added at the same time, such as a master bedroom and a new bathroom.

Garage construction: If you have sufficient space in your garage, we can also help build an addition in there to make the place more functional. Among others, we can construct a studio, home office, or workshop within the garage so you can spend more time there.

Why Us?

Located in Glenview, IL, Comfort Home Remodeling and Design has been building home additions in Chicago since 1998, and has, over that period, worked on thousands of projects. You should choose us because we can help you build your dream additions without spending over the odds.

Also, we give priority to the customer’s needs: Although we’ll chip in with professional advice from time to time, your wishes will form the basis of our decisions.

We deliver quality work, on time: We respect deadlines and, most importantly, will always ensure that the addition blends perfectly with the existing structure.

We offer a 4-year warranty on every project: As a show of confidence in our work, upon completion of the project, you’ll get a four-year warranty, during which period we offer repair services free of charge.